Why Dutchess County Gymnastics?

Our simple answer – because we’ve thought about you and your children.

In today’s world, it’s not enough to simply teach cartwheels on beam or a back-hip circle on bars. Athletic facilities are expected to provide comprehensive policies for the welfare and protection of participants. We have developed policies that provide the best value for our students, parents and staff while protecting the integrity of the programs offered and the well being of everyone involved.

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  1. Are there contracts for enrollment at Dutchess County Gymnastics?

    No.  We do not have any contracts for length of time for enrollment at Dutchess County Gymnastics. You can end enrollment at any time without any penalty or future tuition charges. 

  2. What happens if we miss a class?

    Great news! Unlike many sports like soccer or baseball (or even many gymnastics facilities), you CAN make up a missed class. You can call us to schedule a make up in a similar class at any time that is available. You don’t need to use the make up immediately, so you can schedule it when it’s most convenient for your schedule.

  3. Do you require girls to wear leotards?

    No. All students are welcome to join class in any type of non-restrictive clothing. Shorts, leggings, athletic pants, and t-shirts are acceptable attire. We require that all clothing be appropriately fitted (no loose-fitting or baggy clothes) and no attire with buttons, snaps, zippers or buckles.

  4. What will my child learn during their classes?

    This is probably the most difficult question to answer. We have a specific curriculum for each class level that is appropriate for age/ability level and the curriculum includes specific skills that are introduced and practiced based on the instructor’s knowledge of the students in the class. Each class level has an average of 30 different skills on each of the events that are introduced and practiced throughout the session, which is 120-150 skills for each class level.

  5. Should I expect my child to move up a level after every session/year?

    No. Gymnastics is the hardest sport in the world and many of the skills in gymnastics require a solid foundation of basics and technique. Rushing through levels is unsafe for the athlete and will not allow them to properly learn and master the skills necessary for success. Each athlete is an individual and all students will progress at different rates.

  6. There are only 3 classes scheduled this month, why is tuition still the same?

    We have a balanced tuition for each month of our sessions. The tuition is calculated based on an hourly rate and multiplied by the total number of classes in the session and then divided by the total number of months in the session. This allows us to keep the tuition the same whether there are 3 classes, 4 classes or 5 classes in the month and makes it possible for families to budget for a set amount each month.

  7. Do we need to wait for the beginning of a session or a month to enroll our child?

    No.  We have open enrollment. We accept students at any time during a session or month, with the only exception of the final month of the School Year Session. Students will be learning a show routine and practicing for a demonstration in the final month of the session.

  8. How do I sign-up?

    We have multiple ways for parents to enroll their children. We do prefer to have our clients to come to the facility at 986 Main Street in Fishkill to ask questions, see the facility and equipment and get to know some of our staff. However, we also understand that many parents have incredibly busy schedules and don’t always have time, so there is the option to print the enrollment application from home as well as an online Customer Portal that allows parents to sign up online and select classes from the comfort of home. If you have been enrolled in the previous 12 months, you can also call us at 845-896-5270 to re-enroll in an available class.

  9. What makes you different from other gymnastics clubs in our area?

    Every club is different just like every person is different. The great part of this is that there are options for parents and they can choose a club that best fits them.

    We believe that gymnastics can be a sport for children of all abilities and can help them to develop healthy habits, active lifestyles and can help to teach them things that have no curriculum, like confidence and perseverance. We also believe that “old-school” policies are a barrier to our clients, so we offer things like make-up classes, open enrollment and no contracts for length of time or cancellation fees. Start when you want, stay as long as you want, end when you want and come back when you want.  

Our goal is to teach some gymnastics skills that will lead to learning a few life skills while we are creating some smiles and happy memories along the way. The best learning that happens is with a smile.

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