School Age Program


the school age program

The School Age Program at Dutchess County Gymnastics Center includes skill levels that are named after gemstones.  The classes, in ascending skill order, are Ruby, Topaz, Amethyst, Jade and Sapphire.   The school age program also includes classes for age appropriate students like 12+ for students that are 12 years and older, and there are tumbling classes for students that are seeking certain skills for dance or cheer.  And now we’ve added Strength and Conditioning classes!

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The core classes (Ruby, Topaz, Amethyst, Jade and Sapphire) are curriculum based and progressively build the skills that are the foundation of gymnastics.  Each student’s progress is tracked using the chart of skills for each of the levels, and when the appropriate skills are mastered, that student is invited to move to the next gemstone level to keep progressing.  Classes are designed to be progressive and challenging while having fun learning gymnastics.  Each student can progress at their own pace and enjoy everything that gymnastics has to offer them.

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The 12+ classes are designed for students of any skill level.  This is an age appropriate class where students will be with their peers and can work on the skills that they would like to master and can do so at a pace that suits their desire.  This class is great for beginner gymnasts that would prefer to be with their peers or for more advanced gymnasts that would prefer not to be on a competitive team.

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Tumbling classes are a great way to build tumbling skills that are often necessary in dance, cheer or gymnastics.  Tumbling classes are open to any students ages 6 and older and will work on skills like handstands, walk-overs, round-offs, handsprings and tucks.  This is generally considered a specialty class and is available for enrollment either monthly or by the class.

Strength and Conditioning class focuses on overall fitness.  Much of the curriculum uses drills that are derived from the sport of gymnastics but is applicable to many, many sports.  This class is great for students that are in multiple sports, between sports or are preparing for a new sport.