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Dutchess County Gymnastics Center was founded in the 1970’s as a small gymnastics center that was primarily focused on gymnastics training.  Over the years, ownership changed hands a few times until it was purchased by John and Vicki Lee Tucker in 2012.

The Tucker’s ultimate reason for buying the beloved gym was to pass on an opportunity to their daughter, Keesha, who was enrolled in gymnastics classes at Dutchess County Gymnastics when she was 3 years old.  Keesha spent her years at the gym going through the recreational class levels, joining the competitive team and then becoming a coach when she was in high school.

Her love of gymnastics led her to wanting to coach, but she soon found her love of teaching children and becoming a positive influence in their lives was her real passion.  It wasn’t long before she realized that gymnastics was a tool and the reason she loved to do what she does is to create confidence in her students that they can achieve anything they choose to pursue.

Her parents recognized this passion and potential and offered her a way to have the highest potential to positively impact as many children as possible.  With her vision in mind, the mission of Dutchess County Gymnastics Center is to Create Confident Children.

Her vision of the business is to create a family atmosphere, where parents, students and staff all feel welcome, respected and excited to be a part of something that is special and happening each day.  The business has grown and includes preschool classes, recreational gymnastics, recreational cheer, USA Gymnastics teams, USASF All Star Cheer and ninja classes.  All have the same mission and are part of the same vision.  

As a company, we welcome the opportunity to meet new families and continue our mission of fitness and character building and to help the children in our communities become confident youth that grow into the next generation of responsible leaders.

We would be honored to work with your child and invite you to get to know our program and our fantastic staff!

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Keesha and her family

Program Director at Dutchess County Gymnastics

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