Our Ninja program offers all the athleticism of a gymnastics class, discipline of a martial arts class, and all the excitement of freestyle movement! 

Ninja is a great activity that encompasses several disciplines of movement from many different sports.  The dedicated training curriculum is designed to be fun and impactful while learning movement.

This program is new to Dutchess County Gymnastics Center and you can get in on the ground floor and grow with the program!


Jump, Dive or Roll In!

Start a new adventure this summer.  Ninja classes are open to kids (boys and girls) from ages 5 – 12.  All classes will be introductory level and more class levels will be added as skills are learned!  Grab a space while there are some.

July Special!

Try 2 classes for just $29.  That’s 33% off!  We’re sure your new ninja will love it so much that they will ask for more!

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