Special!  2 weeks of Classes for $29!

Special offers are so exciting – for parents.  The classes are so exciting for the students.  It’s a win-win and just $29!  Trial classes are important for parents and students to make sure that schedules work around family life.  It’s also a great opportunity to meet the instructor and students in the class.  Fill out the form and select the right class for your child!

We are always excited to welcome every new student.  It is our belief that we can use sports training to be a positive influence on the young lives that enter through our doors each and every week.  There is no better recipe for learning than through Fitness, Friends and Fun.

Start developing Confidence today!

Call us at 845-896-5270 if you have any questions!

*All offers based on an available spot in an appropriate class for your child’s age.  The special is for one class a week for two consecutive weeks for one child.

2 Week Special

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